Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did you miss me?

I know I missed you all's. I've noticed some lulls in the land of the blogs, so I've come back to do my part and help. First things first, I should probably catch you up to speed. So what have I, Ryan, been up to recently...

To begin, I feel I should share that I've been playing a lot of 'Jim Roe: The Video Game' as well as seeing his biographical film this past Friday with the men of the Mellen clan. Both of which I enjoyed and will need to take a break from this upcoming week with midterms in full swing.

In addition, thanks to three, coming up on four, Bains - Jaimie and I also saw the movie Zodiac. I won't give away the ending, which I'm sure many of you already know without seeing it, but it was a very well made film. Coming from the director of Se7en, Fight Club, and Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up' music video among others - I would expect no less. Plus, extra credit for having Goose in it.

As mentioned earlier, midterms are this upcoming week. I have two myself, in addition to a large Finance project that was done this past week covering different types of options. Jaimie on the other hand is spending the day on a class assignment that is due tomorrow, thus leaving me to write this audacious post.

In all my praise, I forgot to mention a couple things that I was less than impressed with. First, the 'Turok' demo for Xbox 360 and the PS3, talk about infuriating. Then onto the movie 'Shoot 'em Up' which shows how important a plot is to a movie. Both of which I thought I would like more, and ended up not liking much of either.

As short as this is, I think it about covers everything bouncing around in my head at the moment. I'll be sure to post if I think up more, and will also try to post more often. Otherwise, Jaimie may takeover the blog... wait, what's with the cheering? There's still guys that read these right? Oh well, hate it or love the underdog's on top...

Take us home Fitty and Paula!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A bit about advisors

So I went to my advisor today to make sure I was on track to graduate, and I was helped by an advisor that was not my usual advisor. He proceeded to tell me that the only classes I needed to take spring term was a bacc core and my internship, at this point I was super excited because I thought wow 6 credits, little did he know that I already took 6 credits of the internship this past summer, and that I only have 3 credits left on my internship not 9, so now I am back to taking 12 credits instead of an easy 6. Poo on that advisor, because if I didn't figure out that the advisor had no idea what he was talking about I would be short 6 credits and wouldn't be able to graduate spring term. I have ranted long enough, but seriously advisors really need to learn to communicate!
-Jaimie :)

School's back in..

Hey everyone, it is me Jaimie, amazing right?! TWO posts in a row by lil' 'ol me :) I was reading over everyone else's blogs and decided it was time for the Winklepleck's to post again. School started today, Ryan and I both had a full day of classes. I went to all of mine, and liked all but one, History 102, so I dropped it and decided to take a Health class instead because I thought I would enjoy it more and get a better grade, plus the History professor was crazy! The snow and cold did not make going to class enjoyable especially since I have class straight from 9am to 3pm and there are only 2 hour parking spots close to campus, which means walking a lot, which is usually fun, but it was just too cold today.
I have high hopes for this term so far and I believe Ryan does too, we both are done in the Spring so that is definitely something to look forward to, and something to keep us going and push us to go to classes. I guess that is about all that is on my mind, it is way past my bedtime and I have to work tomorrow, night all!
P.S. I have season 2 of 'Without a Trace' I thought this was important information to a certain someone, you know who you are.