Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet Buffy...

She is now working on slaying stuffed animals, but we are working up to tennis balls!

The Story:
I went grocery shopping with my mom on Saturday and decided that it would be a great idea to go check out the pet store, so when we got in there they had Chihuahua puppies, (I know what you're thinking: how did they end up with a pug then?) it took a lot of convincing but Ryan said that I could get the Chihuahua and because I am such a nice wife I told him that if he wanted to we could go to Salem and check out what they have there, so we did. We fell in love with her and had to get her. We are still working on Chewie and her becoming the best of friends, but he is not liking the idea of being a big brother, but I know he will warm up to her soon. We will be posting more pictures soon, she is very rambunctious and it is hard to get pictures of her.