Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gonna Party Like It's 1999...

Hey everybody, it's me Jaimie. Here I am blogging for maybe the second time. Christmas was great, it was so much fun to see all of the family together, and it was also a lot of fun seeing Ryan's family. Anyways back to the reason I am posting, as you can see from the picture above I got Ryan 'Rock Band' for Christmas, he was very unaware of it the morning of. For a little explanation, I convinced Ryan that he wasn't getting it for Christmas and hid it at my parents house for 2 months and then hid it in my trunk for 2 days. I got up at 5 AM on Christmas to get it out of the car and under the tree. Later that morning, it took Ryan a good 10 minutes to notice it sitting there. It was very amusing. Again I am straying away from the purpose of this post, so back to it. Ryan and I are having a New Years Eve celebration at our house. There will be snacks, drinks, games and of course ROCK BAND! The party will start around 9 PM, but of course people are more than welcome to come earlier to hang out. RSVP by comments or calling either Ryan or myself by Sunday after Dox. BE THERE OR WISH YOU WERE!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Early Gift...

'Tis officially the season, and as an early gift I offer the first and possibly last post of the month. Not only that, but probably the last post of 2007 at the rate that I've been posting. As always, my deepest apologies for my lack of updates. There's not really an excuse seeing as we've been on break for the past couple weeks. Nonetheless, I return bearing Christmas cheer and my usual mix of random and weird, or simply just weirdom.

Since Christmas is merely days away, I figure that be as good a discussion to start as any. Even before we were out of school, Jaimie saw fit to decorate a Christmas tree. In honor of all her hard work, I offer a glimpse of it in all its glory...

Lately we've been preparing by also watching Christmas films. While Jaimie and I may have different views of what are classics (her family watched 'A Christmas Story,' mine watched 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation') we have been able to watch some together. However, since this is Ryan writing - I'll stick to some of my favorites, in no particular order. (Note: you won't be seeing 'White Christmas' on this list, but rest assured it would be on Jaimie's.)

1. Die Hard - "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho."
2. Gremlins - Who doesn't want a Mogwai for Christmas? Just don't give them water or feed them after midnight and you'll be fine...
3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Explains a lot about me doesn't it?
4. Home Alone - If you were born in the 80's, this better be on your list too. Keep the change ya filthy animal!
5. Batman Returns - Before Schumacher tarnished the franchise and Nolan brought it back, Burton was Batman.
6. The Nightmare Before Christmas - Also does double duty on my Halloween list.
7. Love Actually - Yeah I like it, so what!?
8. Elf - It's rated PG, stars Will Ferrel, and is very enjoyable.
9. Scrooged - Murray's so good, there's probably a film starring him on every one of my Holiday movie lists.
10. Trading Places - What can I say, I like comedies...
Honorable Mention: King Kong.

Be sure to share your favorites, or any that I missed, in the comments! Or don't, and I'll look like a weirdo who blogs to himself (similar to someone who talks to themselves, bluetooth headset or not). I won't go into detail regarding New Years Eve movies, but suffice to say Ghostbusters II would certainly be on the short list.

In addition to preparing for the holidays, Jaimie and I have also been working more as well. Oddly enough, I tend to work during the day and Jaimie at night. Tonight for instance, I'm writing this post while Jaimie closes at Togo's. While I'm saddened that Heroes (and many more shows) have ended early for the season, I've been coping so far. Unfortunately for some of you, such time has not be spent in the blogverse. I often intend to post, and have numerous ideas for articles. For example, here's some "posts that could've been" from this past week:

1. Recommendations on where to buy AV cables (MonoPrice), such as HDMI cables and why HDMI is the new composite.
2. Boys vs. Girls in board games - the challenge, the debate, and the question that's been lingering since elementary school: who would win?
3. Wyld Stallyns
4. Tech-niques - Blue Screens, Screen Sharing, Sharing and Streaming...
5. Misc. Home Entertainment opinions.

I may revisit that first and last idea and eventually turn them into real posts, that is assuming that our #1 fan 'anonymous' is feeling that idea. As for now, I think I'll start wrapping up this post. Before I go, I wish a rad Christmas to all, and to all a Gnarly night. Celebrate to the max!