Friday, June 13, 2008

An Update

- Ryan and I are done with school and will be graduating on Sunday the 15th 1 pm- 4 hours of fun!
- We get to stay another month in our duplex and wont be homeless, thanks to our awesome landlords
- We are currently still waiting to hear back from jobs that we applied for, it is amazing to me that when you apply online there is somehow no contact number given so that you can check on your application.
-Ryan and I wanna go out to celebrate our graduation with friends Sunday night ( I know it is Father's Day but maybe dad's can come party too), any ideas?
I guess that is all I have for now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final Finals Finally over!

Let the fun begin:

Here is how YouTube took me by the heart when it took me by the hand - as well as taking an hour of my life, play-by-play. (note: viewer discretion is advised)

*begin reenactment*

Narrator: "It began on a night, just like any other, with one simple question..."

Me: "YouTube..."
YouTube: "Yes Ryan?"
Me: "What's the best fight scene of all time?"

Me: "I tend to agree, but let me rephrase it: what's the best fight scene EVER?"

Me: "Now you're onto something YouTube."
YouTube: "Really?"
Me: "Yes, point me in the right direction to see more of that little ninja."
YouTube: "You mean that 'little superstar?'"

Me: "Love it, now what would I get if I mixed this and Michael Jackson...?"
YouTube: "Something very 'thrilling.'"

Me: "YouTube, I think I'm falling in love with you."
YouTube: "In exchange for your love, I offer you..."

(Click Here if you dare to view the unrated version)

Narrator: "You unlock this door with a question. Beyond it is another question - a question of sound, a question of sight, a question of mind. You're moving into a website of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the YouTube Zone."

*end reenactment*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's up internets, what's up...

Jump on it: After such a busy weekend, I have become quite bored during the time I haven't been busy, a.k.a. now. Once you get used to doing something most of the time, it's hard to just do nothing (not the case when you get used to doing nothing, then it's hard NOT to do something). I decided I would harness my boredom for the sake of our blog, which would be voted most-likely-not-to-post in a yearbook.

First, let me bring you up to date:
- Jaimie gave our 30-day notice and we will be out on the streets* at the end of this month.
- Entering dead week (figuratively speaking) and trying to believe that graduation is about 2 weeks away.
- Jaimie and I are applying and praying for jobs (not necessarily in that order) primarily in Corvallis and surrounding areas since we will be out of ours around mid-June.
- Speaking of June, Jaimie and I will be celebrating a year of her putting up with me on the 22nd!
- If this is June, I'm afraid to see what awaits us in July...
*un(til/less) we find a new place

Now that you've been given the recap, I'm at a loss of words on what to scribble about. Especially since this past weekend was spent with many of our fellow readers (hint: retreating). Since there is still no Jr. Wink, although anonymous will surely say otherwise, I can't offer any updates on that front. I Haven't been to a movie since Indy IV and I made the rounds on reviewing that one. I've been squeezing in the occasional game here and there (finally hitting Hard on Rock band). Lastly and as many are surely aware, the television season in nearing an end (and how about that great Lost finale?) while the sun's breaking out on these 70-degree-and-overcast days. Until next time, let's hope for something new and exciting by the next post (finding a place to move, graduating finally, getting a job, or just doing something exciting) and I'll see you on the other side, preferably with David Gray.