Saturday, December 11, 2010


I realize I haven't blogged since our trip to Idaho, which was September... I thought I would blog more once I had Desmond because I would actually have something to blog about, which is true, but I still don't blog. So here I am trying again... So since September we have had Desmond's first Pumpkin patch trip, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Winklepleck, spent Halloween at home and didn't really do anything, and Thanksgiving my parents came over from Idaho and spent the week with us, which was a lot of fun and Thanksgiving was fun too. I was able to see most of my family which is always the my highlight of the holidays.

Desmond will be 6 months next week, we are trying to get him started on solid food but he doesn't seem to like much, he likes carrots and bananas and is okay with peas... all the other things I have tried he makes a disgusted face and gags so I will just have to keep trying.
Fun things that Des is doing now:

Rolling, he rolls EVERYWHERE it's his way of getting around, it is pretty cool to watch; he rolls onto his belly uses his arm to move the direction he wants to go then rolls. He also thinks it is pretty cool to copy sounds, so that is always entertaining to see how much he can copy.

So now that Des is 6 months we have decided that it is time for him to sleep in his crib... he HATES it, the second I put him down he starts whining and that turns into a cry. I've tried to just let him cry but he gets himself very worked up and won't stop. I am trying a new method this weekend that apparently only takes 3 days, so by Tuesday night he should be fine with sleeping in his crib... we'll see.

Another struggle is Des not sleeping through the night... I really wouldn't mind if it was just getting up once, but it is 2-3 times regularly and every once in a while it will be 4+ times, hoping that when he is in his crib he will wake up less frequently... if not I am on the verge of giving him one bottle of formula at bed time too see if that works since it takes longer to break down.

Last thing on the struggles list is job hunting, I have been applying for jobs for 2 months now, I have only had one interview... I haven't been declined any jobs I just haven't been contacted mainly by OSU, but Ryan says they take a LONG time in their hiring process, so crossing my fingers for one of the 6 applications I have there. If anyone sees any good full-time jobs that seem exciting let me know I need one by end of January at the latest.

Other than the few struggles we're having, life is great! Christmas is around the corner and it is my favorite Holiday, plus I get to get together with my whole family again. Here are some pictures of the last couple months.

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